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Welcome to Mambo Sauce, a website and podcast designed to honor the fantastic vinyl  record collection and huge personality of Neil Otto Raabe. Neil was born in Fort Wayne Indiana in 1957, and he passed away in 2015. Neil moved to South Bend, Indiana, began collecting records in 1970, and along with teenage  friends, (Thomas Moore, Thomas McGlinn, Paul and Peter DeCelles, Mike Murphy, Jeff Craft, and Dan Serban), he began a passion for American Roots Music that lasted his entire life. Along the way, the guys saw frequent live performances by a generation of American performers that has almost completely died off.  Close proximity to Chicago, The Midwest Blues Festivals in the 1970's, night clubs Vegetable Buddies and the Midway Tavern, and the mentoring of Perry Aberli and Andy Panelli, all contributed to a thirst  for live and recorded music. The guys made connections and friendships with these greats, as well as the DJ's, Managers, Record Collectors, and fans that lived behind a golden era of American 

 Music!  Mambo Sauce tells the story, through the music, interviews, and photos! Sample our episodes, peruse the photo collection, read our guest articles, and check out the Subscribe prompt above to see how you can support us!

Vinyl selections for 2020 Episode #4   were  were cleaned with the Spin Clean Record Washing System!  We were blown away by the difference it makes so we will be cleaning all records in the collection with Spin-Clean.  If you value your vinyl Spin Clean is the way!


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     Episodes 2020 

 August 7th "Swinging Party" 

  Featuring: Lowell Fulson, Hound Dog Taylor, Willie   Dixon's Big 3 Trio, Johnny Shines, and Wynonie  Harris!

 August 21st "House On Fire"

Featuring: The Blasters, Steve Nardella, The Paladins, Jimmy Lee Fautheree (with Deke Dickerson), George Bedard!

September 18th "Soul City Part 2"

Featuring: Clarence Carter, Little Milton, Wilson Pickett, O.V. Wright, James Carr!

October 30th "Students To Masters"

Featuring: Roomful Of Blues, The Fabulous Thunderbirds, James Harman, Kim Wilson, Hollywood Fats Band, Jimmie Vaughn, Greg Piccolo, Duke Robillard, Dave "Kid "Ramos!


CIRCA 1978 L to R , Neil Raabe, Mike Murphy, Thomas McGlinn, on Lincoln Avenue Chicago, Illinois about to see the fantastic Mighty Joe Young at The Wise Fools Pub. An account of this adventure is featured in 2019 archived Episode "Soul City Part One"

Go to our Mambo News section to read a great tribute by stellar Cincinnati Pianist Ricky Nye as he honors his mentor and friend the late Big Joe Duskin!

To the right is a photo of The Paladins at Zeb's BBQ in Indianapolis Ind. circa 1987. This photo was donated by Carla Zochowski of Indianapolis Indiana. Carla is the widow of Jay Zochowski, a popular and much loved DJ whose long running Blues Radio program on WIAN was a long running institution. Carla also made a very generous donation to Mambo Sauce! It is awesome to be back in touch Carla, thank you! More about Jay and more cool photos to come!

old school Blues,ROCKABILLy, 60s Soul, Gospel & more!

Pictured above are 2 giants of Blues Radio: On left Chicago's Steve Cushing whose "Blues Before Sunrise" is a long running gem! Steve is also an accomplished drummer who played with many of the Golden Era Chicago greats! On right is Osceola Indiana resident Curt Brown whose "Rollin' With The Blues" on WSND graced the airwaves for many years. Curt's style and respect for the music and the musicians is a big influence on Tom's Mambo Sauce delivery. We are thrilled to have Curt's expertise on board for Mambo Sauce 2021! Look for a full feature on Curt in the next 2-3 weeks or sooner!

The peerless Arthur "Blind" Blake, phenomenal guitarist, singer and songwriter!

 To left: Class personified! The great Johnny Shines in action! A favorite of Neil's, and a favorite of Mambo Sauce

* A big shout out and thank you to Justin Flagel, our co-founder and engineer! Justin has left the program to pursue creative endeavors and community activities in Niles. Please follow him at redchuckproductions.com and Anywhere The Needle Drops! Thank you for all your hard work and enthusiasm!