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Curt Brown (on right) with the great

  Chicago DJ  Steve Cushing

Mambo Sauce is thrilled to announce  the addition of Curt Brown as a contributor to the web site and program! A resident of the Michiana area, Curt did a dissertation on the blues for his college graduate program, and he has amassed a superb collection of Blues recordings, literature, and  concert posters,  He has rare photographs of the many Blues artists that he ventured out to see in person. Curt was welcome in a number of South and West Side neighborhood taverns that outsiders rarely dared to venture to. Curt's polite and unassuming mannerisms allowed him to gain the friendship and trust of many of America's top blues artists, and we will soon be featuring a fantastic article on Curt's relationship with Luis Prima's saxaphonist, bandleader, and right hand man......Sam Butera! Curt had a long running radio program "Rolling With The Blues", and his put-the -music-first approach is a huge influence on the philosophy and direction of Mambo Sauce. Look for a detailed biography and more outstanding contributions from Curt in the near future!

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